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Simple and affordable cell phone service for all your wireless needs!

Whether you are looking for a simple phone to make calls, just in case, or to stay connected with your loved ones with a smartphone, SimplyConnect has you covered!

SimplyConnect is a Canadian cell phone service company committed to providing you with simple and affordable solutions for your wireless needs.

Federal Retirees Special Discount:

Stay in touch with plans starting from $16.20/month and a selection of cell phones starting from $0. As your recommended provider for cell phone services, you are entitled to receive the following benefits on cell phone plans:

  • Get 10% OFF Talk and Text plans with a 2-year term
  • Get 15% OFF all Smartphone plans (cell phone plans with data) with a 2-year term
  • Promotions: Call us to inquire about our current promotions
  • Plus, SimplyConnect customers have access to exclusive offers and pricing on other SimplyConnect products such as Wireless Home Phone.
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SimplyConnect provides Canadian Seniors with simple and high-value solutions to stay in touch with their loved ones, and exclusive pricing on additional wireless services to stay connected.

  • Cell phone plans starting from $16.20/month and cell phones from $0
  • Friendly customer service open 7 days a week
  • Monitor your usage online with My Account
  • Reliable national network coverage
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Free shipping

Call us toll-free at 1-844-483-2292 to take advantage of Federal Retirees Members Discount

10% off applies to the Talk & Text monthly plan fees, and 15% off applies to the Smartphone monthly plan fees. Discount applies for as long as you are a member of the National Association of Federal Retirees and cannot be combined with Bring Your Own Phone discount, Tablet Data plans and Wireless Home Phone plans.

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