Transferring your phone number

1. What is Local Number Portability?

Local Number Portability enables Canada’s wireless phone subscribers to keep their phone number when changing service providers. This is similar to the system which is currently in place for home and business numbers.


2. Why should I make the switch to SimplyConnect?

  • Reliable LTE network
  • Live agents, dedicated to customer service
  • Easy to order
  • Free delivery
  • Free paper billing
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


3. Will I be able to keep my existing phone when I make the switch to SimplyConnect?

It’s possible if you currently have a GSM network phone that works in Canada. In order to work with SimplyConnect, your cell phone must be unlocked or compatible with out network. We recommend upgrading your phone at the time of switching to ensure the best possible wireless experience. Contact Customer Care.


4. Can I port my pay-as-you-go wireless number to SimplyConnect?

Yes, it is possible to transfer a phone number from a prepaid wireless service. But before considering a switch, you should ensure that your phone number is still active with your prepaid service provider. Please also note that any unused prepaid minutes cannot be switched over to Zoomer Wireless.


5. Can I port my landline phone number to wireless?

Yes, it is possible to keep the same phone number when transferring your landline phone service to wireless service.


6. How does my phone number get ported into SimplyConnect?

Contact SimplyConnect Customer Care at 1-888-281-3334 and we will check whether your number is eligible for porting, free of charge. If it is, we will start the process of porting. You can select the plan and phone combination that’s right for you.

SimplyConnect will notify your previous service provider if you wish to move your number from their service to SimplyConnect. Please note that you are still responsible for any cancellation fees and residual charges that may be owing under your previous service provider’s agreement.


7. Is every phone number eligible for porting to another service provider?

No, not every number is portable. Some areas of rural Canada are not eligible for Local Number Portability. Call us to find out if and when your phone number is eligible.


8. What is the cost of porting into SimplyConnect?

SimplyConnect does not charge any fees for porting your wireless telephone number. However, cancellation charges may apply from your current provider. You should check with them. SimplyConnect is not responsible for any contractual obligations and monthly fees relating to the service agreement with your previous service provider.


Speak to a SimplyConnect Customer Care Representative by calling 1-888-281-8212. You can also dial 611 on your SimplyConnect cell phone.

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