1. What is Conference Calling?

Conference Calling (also called Group Calling) allows you to have a conference call with other parties at different numbers; you can initiate calls to parties or add another party to an established call.

A per minute rate applies to each call included in the conference call.


2. What is Call Forwarding?

Call Forwarding allows you to direct calls to another telephone number. The calls can be automatically forwarded or they can be forwarded if unavailable. A per minute rate applies to each call.

To learn more about the Call Forwarding rates, please contact Customer Care.


3. What is Call Waiting?

When you are already on a call, Call Waiting alerts you of a second call with a beep.

Call Waiting may be included your plan, or you may want to add the feature for a monthly charge.

Call Waiting uses airtime, and other applicable charges such as Long Distance may apply twice for both calls: the first call, as well as the second incoming call.


4. Can I receive premium short-code messages?

Yes, short-codes are supported on our network. Short-codes are usually around 5-digit long numbers made specifically for SMS (text) messages. Charges for using short-codes are the same as standard text messaging rates. Short-codes messages are usually used for services such as entering TV contests or checking bank account balances for example. Extra charges might occur.

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