1. What is wireless data?

Digital information that is transmitted or accessed over the air to a wireless device such as a mobile phone or Smartphone enabled for mobile Internet access. Data includes sending/receiving email and instant messages, downloading content from 3rd party sites, tethering, web browsing and using mobile applications. It excludes typical voice transmission.


2. What can I do with data?

Browse Search for information using popular search engines, visit your favorite news/weather/sports sites, and access your social networks such as Facebook®, Twitter, Myspace and Flickr. Email/Instant Messaging Send and receive from your email and instant messaging accounts. Open, view and edit attachments and resend in email. Mobile Applications Use mobile applications such as Facebook® and Google Maps or choose from thousands of other applications available. Multi-Media Watch videos on YouTube download music, upload pictures and challenge others in online gaming.


3. How is data usage calculated?

Data is billed according to the volume of data transferred, and not for the amount of time a customer is connected. Data activities are calculated for each KB of data that is downloaded over the network, with usage rounded to the next full KB. Eg: 1,024 KB = 1 MB; and 1,024 MB = 1 GB. Data plans are available for use with your Smartphone.


4. Data usage while travelling

Data is billed differently abroad compared to when in Canada. If you subscribe to a plan with data, the plan does not apply when outside of Canada. Data usage charges will incur when Smartphone customers roam outside of Canada unless data is turned off on the device. If data is not turned off, even if you do nothing, applications will continue to update in the back end, and you will incur incidental charges.

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