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With plans starting from $18/month and a selection of cell phones starting from $0 and additional wireless services such as Home Phone, Tablet and Data plans, SimplyConnect offers affordable plans and devices matching all your wireless needs.


Our Contact Centre is open 7 days a week at convenient hours to serve you by phone, email or live chat.
With a 30-day money back guarantee and access to your usage online with My Account, our goal is to build a seamless and long-term customer relationship.



Our order process is easy. First, with an all-inclusive Canada-Wide plan line-up without any surprises, then, with easy pairing between phones and plans and last, with a reliable national network coverage, our offer is meant to be simple and straightforward.

About us

About us

SimplyConnect is a Canadian cell phone service provider committed to providing Canadian Seniors with simple and affordable solutions for their wireless needs.

Our Devices

Affordable cell phones, home phone service and tablet to stay connected.
Cell Phones
Cell Phones
Cell phones that meet all your needs starting from $0
Wireless Home Phone
Wireless Home Phone
An affordable landline replacement with unlimited Canada-Wide calling
Everything you like to do on your mobile device on a bigger screen

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  • Features

    What is Conference Calling? Conference Calling (also called Group Calling) allows you to have a conference call with other parties at different numbers; you can initiate calls to parties or add another party to an established call. A per minute rate applies to each call included in the conference call.   2. What is Call […]

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    Wireless Home Phone

    1. What is the Wireless Home Phone service? The Wireless Home Phone service is a new service offering customers a value-priced home phone solution leveraging the Rogers wireless cellular network. Unlike traditional home phone services, the Wireless Home Phone does not use any interior wiring or phone jacks, but utilizes the wireless cellular network to […]

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  • Warranty & Service Repair

    Warranty & Service Repair Liquid or water damage is the most common repair issue that is not covered by warranty. It is possible for the phone to be damaged without it being immersed into water. Moisture or exposure to humidity, steam or even rain could damage the phone. This could lead to corrosion and cause […]

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    Troubleshooting Tips

    Phones can stop working properly at any given time without warning. Quite often, it is a manufacturer’s defect and is covered under warranty, however, in some cases the damage may be caused by misuse or neglect. For your convenience, here are some tips to help troubleshoot some of the common problems users may experience. If […]

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  • Transferring your phone number

    1. What is Local Number Portability? Local Number Portability enables Canada’s wireless phone subscribers to keep their phone number when changing service providers. This is similar to the system which is currently in place for home and business numbers.   2. Why should I make the switch to SimplyConnect? Reliable LTE network Live agents, dedicated to […]

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    Extended Coverage

    1. Who is eligible for Extended Coverage? Extended Coverage is available on all of our plans. You just need a compatible device (i.e. any HSPA, LTE or 3G device). Extended Coverage is meant to be used by customers who live within the Rogers network and happen to travel occasionally into Extended Coverage areas.   2. […]

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  • Data

    1. What is wireless data? Digital information that is transmitted or accessed over the air to a wireless device such as a mobile phone or Smartphone enabled for mobile Internet access. Data includes sending/receiving email and instant messages, downloading content from 3rd party sites, tethering, web browsing and using mobile applications. It excludes typical voice […]

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    911 service

    911 Service You can dial 911 for emergency assistance, and for SimplyConnect customers, the call is always free! But who do you reach when you place that call? In many areas, you connect to the 911 service provided by the municipality or province. In other areas, where there is no 911 service, calls are sent to a […]

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  • Most asked questions

    1. What number do I call to reach SimplyConnect Customer Care? You can speak to a SimplyConnect Customer Care Representative by calling 1-888-281-8212. You can also dial 611 on your SimplyConnect cell phone.   2. How long does it take for my order to be shipped to me? Allow 3-5 business days for delivery from the time of […]

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Select a category: Most asked questions 911 service Data Extended Coverage Features Transferring your number Troubleshooting Tips Warranty & service repair Wireless Home Phone

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